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Advantages of E-skoleni.EU

Benefits of E-skoleni.EU for employers

Costs savings

The E-skoleni.EU system is a demonstrably less cost-demanding form of mandatory employee training.

Reviews, statistics, and outputs

The Company always has current reviews on the number and success-rate of trained employees, completed and incomplete courses, including an option to export such data into Excel.

Automatisation and mass administration

Training administration is fully automated and the system itself supervises completion of courses, monitors the validity of certificates, and informs about any possible problem. The system contains functions for mass administration of employees, supports mass data import, and is even ready for extreme loads.


If it is necessary to demonstrate completed training to institutions, it is possible to easily document certificates, as well as course contents, training methods, and other necessary information from the system.


Course contents are adapted to specifics and risks on the given worksite. A web interface displays a heading with the employer's logo. The system can be utilised for own company courses as well.

E-skoleni.EU benefits for employees


Control is easy, all functions are easily understandable and the training itself is brief and visually attractive.


Employees can access the training 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and from anywhere. In addition to that a course can be paused at any time and resumed later. A user also has an option to have their forgotten password e-mailed.


All the courses were produced by experienced and certified experts, and their contents fully correspond with all effective standards. In addition to that, all training courses reflect current decrees, and every planned change of law is always implemented in the course contents in time. Acquired knowledge is verified by the final test.

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