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How does it work?

Principle of the E-skoleni.EU system

Training in the web browser environment

The training, as well as its administration, is carried out via a web interface, and the whole system is operated on our servers. Therefore, there is no need to install anything, and every employee who has Internet access can be trained.

You can start training within a week

Let us provide you with our quote - if you have all the statutory documentation regarding Fire Prevention and occupational health and safety available, there is nothing that would prevent the immediate deployment of adapted courses and the import of employees in the system.

We will prepare everything for you

Within our initial service we will establish all accounts, assign courses, and handover a system with all necessary data, which will enable you to start training after a single click.

How does training in the E-skoleni.EU system proceed

1. A manager assigns training to a new employee.

The employer establishes an account in the system for an employee and assigns courses to them.

2. An employee is granted access to the system.

An employee is e-mailed their account information for the E-skoleni.EU system where the courses are assigned to them.

3. An employees passes a course and receives a certificate.

An employee partakes in a course before sitting the final test that is presented at the end. Upon successful completion, they will receive a .pdf certificate ready to be printed.

4. Before the validity expires, the employee is automatically invited to retake the course.

The employee is alerted to imminent certificate expiration sufficiently in advance and invited to retake the course. They will then acquire a new valid certificate.

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